We can take care of part or the whole process from start to finish of you would like, from Technical Consultation, Quotation, Manufacture, Installation and Aftercare.

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For any aspect or element of a new building or renovation, quite clearly it is vital to know what the cost is going to be. For some services, the full cost can not always be known before work commences. However, for cast stone architectural features an accurate cost can be provided at the design stage assuming all details are available, or just budget prices if they are not. For the former, we provide fully detailed quotations from architect’s designs or bills of quantity to suit customers’ tender dates, and for the latter we are easily able to provide a budget cost based on information such as number and type of features that are likely to be required.

For our detailed quotations, these cover every aspect of the job and central to what we do is ensuring that there are no hidden extras. So by detailing every aspect, we ensure that our customers know exactly what the final bill will be – assuming the requirements don’t change.

One specific element of our detailed quotations which customers tell us is really useful is the inclusion of example photos for bespoke products, plus drawings and sample photos of more standard cast stone products.

All quotations include dimensions of the products quoted and total weight of the items to be supplied. If you request material samples we can also send these to show the colour and finish of the product quoted.

Our approach to detailed quotations very much reflects our wider business philosophy, which is very much about transparency, honesty and, ultimately, delivering a first class service to our customers.

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