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Cast Stone Porticos

A stone portico creates an impressive entrance to a property. Procter Cast Stone’s expertise and flexibility mean we can help you with everything from design to installation. Adding a portico makes a great statement (kerb appeal) at the entrance of your property with the benefit of providing you with shelter from the weather.

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4 Main styles with 4 shapes of stone porticos available

At Procter Cast Stone we produce a range of stone porticos in standard designs, and our design team can produce one-off bespoke designs to meet an architect’s requirements. All our stone porticos are manufactured using the latest technology making them both cost effective and robust.

A cast stone portico from us will look every bit as authentic as one made from natural stone, with the real advantage being the huge cost difference between the two – the cast stone version will of course offer great value for money.

We work with home owners, architects, developers and other specifiers on portico projects, so whichever of these titles you fit within, please do get in touch so we can help and advise.

  • Square ‘U’ shaped portico’s
  • Square ‘L’ shaped portico’s
  • Semi-circular portico’s
  • Apex porticos

This then provides twelve variations from our standard portico designs within our standard range.  However, adding in colour to the equation means the options are almost infinite, as long with our 8 standard colours we can also create specials if needed.

Hidden strength – The ring beam system

The new construction system we use for our porticos is based on a ring beam made of reinforced concrete and using Re-bar.  This system has the advantage of reducing cost because each portico is designed using structural calculations that can cater for the weight to be carried – e.g. for a cast stone slab as a balcony and perhaps with a balustrade.  This in turn eliminates the need for expensive structural steel work, and that’s where the main cost saving comes in.

Other architectural features to use with stoneporticos

Many of our other cast stone features can be used with porticos.  These features include:

  • Steps and landing areas built around the portico as part of the entrance
  • Railings around the top of the portico to create a balcony
  • Cast stone balustrade around the top to create a balcony

In all cases we would ensure that the final finished job looks as one, with all architectural elements fitting together perfectly and in a consistent colour (whichever one was chosen)

Stone Portico Quality standards

Along with all our other cast stone products, our porticos are manufactured by our experienced craftsmen, in our own factory, and in accordance with BS 1217:2008.  All porticos produced are thoroughly checked for quality, colour and consistent finish to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

Using The Standard Portico Element For Other Architectural Features

Our standard porticos elements can be used to create other architectural features such as:

  • Bandstands (essentially 2 semi-circular porticos back to back)
  • Colonnades (a long sequence of columns joined by a superstructure above them)
  • Pilasters (half a column fixed to a wall)

Such use of standard portico components to create a different cast stone feature will typically mean a very considerable cost saving versus creating such features as one-offs.  And compared to creating such features from natural stone, the cost saving would be substantial.

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