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Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Cast Stone Porticos

A stone portico, or an open porch with columns, creates an impressive entrance to any property and shelters you from the weather. A cast stone or prefabricated stone portico will look just as authentic as one made from natural stone. The advantage of choosing cast stone is the considerable cost difference between the two – the cast stone version offers great value for money.

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Our range of cast stone porticos are available in 3 standard designs Classic, Elegant & Ornate. Our design team can create one-off bespoke designs to meet an architect’s requirements. All our cast stone porticos are manufactured using the latest technology, making them both cost-effective and robust. Porticos come in various shapes and designs, with options available for the shape of the columns (round or angular) and the roof style. We have eight standard colours which can be combined to create infinite possibilities.

The construction system we use for our cast stone porticos is based on a ring beam made of reinforced concrete and re-bar steel.  This system has the advantage of reducing cost because each portico is designed using structural calculations that can cater for the weight to be carried – e.g. for a cast stone slab as a balcony and perhaps with a balustrade, eliminating the need for expensive structural steelwork.

Our other cast stone features can be used with porticos, including steps and landing areas built around the portico as part of the entrance or a cast stone balustrade around the top to create a balcony. Our standard porticos elements can also be used to create other architectural features such as Bandstands (essentially two semi-circular porticos back to back), Colonnades (a long sequence of columns joined by a superstructure above them), or Pilasters (half a column fixed to a wall). Using standard portico components to create a different cast stone feature will typically mean a very considerable cost saving versus creating such features as one-offs.

Benefits of Choosing a Procter Cast Stone Portico

Quality guaranteed: All our cast stone porticos exceed BS:1217 standards relating to the performance requirements of cast stone. Procter is one of only a few manufacturers in the UK to use the latest vapour curing technology for enhanced long-term structural integrity, durability and appearance.

Cutting edge technology: We use a 5-Axis CNC Machine in our manufacturing process. This cutting-edge technology enables us to use our design expertise to develop an unparalleled range of complex shapes and design details, to make virtually any architectural stone profile.

Wide choice of standard colours and styles: Our standard stone stock is available in six colours and a wide variety of styles, from highly ornate and decorative to strong and striking.

Bespoke design available upon request: For large-scale projects or renovation projects where it is essential to match the style and colour of the property’s original features, we offer a bespoke service, producing stone porticos that match your specifications.

In-house installation service: As part of our complete turn-key service, our in-house team will take care of installing your cast stone portico, ensuring you don’t need to deal with additional contractors and that only trained experts handle these specialist products.

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If you’re ready to place an order or talk to our expert team about your project requirements, get in touch today by filling in our online form or calling +44 (0)113 286 3329. Still have questions? Find out more about our manufacture, installation and aftercare services here.

Whether you’re renovating a period property or mansion, working on a commercial building or significant development, or simply looking to add a little class and style to your new-build or self-build project, Procter cast stone porticos are suitable for any property.

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Cast Stone Portico Installation

Procter Cast Stone are the only cast stone manufacturer who employ our own dedicated in-house stone installers covering the whole of the UK. We would strongly recommend that your portico is installed by stone installation experts and who better to than a stone manufacturer? Our installation technicians are qualified in the installation of portico’s that have been manufactured by other reputable cast stone manufactures too.

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