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Cast Stone Quoins

Cast stone quoins are the stones which form the corner of a building and can be both structural and for visual effect, or just the latter.  In an architectural sense, quoins are typically used to create a feeling of strength and as a visual frame to a building. They can be made in standard and bespoke sizes to suit brick and block courses.

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Cast stone (art stone) quoins can be created to be used in two ways:

  • Built-in this means that the quoin forms a structural role as well as visual and is literally built in to the corner of the building
  • Quoin cladding – this means that the quoin simply has a visual purpose and is bonded to the structural surface (e.g. block work for rendering around the quoins

We provide standard cast stone quoins in a range of designs and standard textures and colours, though we are easily able to produce bespoke cast stone quoins to an architect’s drawing.

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