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Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Cast Stone Window Mullions

Cast Stone Window mullions are structural elements that vertically divide two or more adjacent windows. These stone mullians span from the window cill to the head, giving support to the head, lintel and the window frame, so they are critical load-bearing features. Stone Mullions have been used in buildings for many centuries, with their first appearance in European architectural being in the 12th century. As a key architectural element, Stone window & mullions are still popular today and can be seen in many contemporary buildings and period properties.

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Our range of cast stone window mullions are compatible with many different window types, such as timber, aluminium and UPVC. We offer both traditional and more contemporary cast stone mullion designs, and all are available in a wide choice of stone colours. Our standard range of cast stone window mullions is suitable for many new build and self-build projects. In contrast, renovation projects typically require bespoke cast stone mullions to match existing features or fit non-standard window sizes.

For many new build or renovation projects, it is possible to produce bespoke cast stone window mullions matched to a specific design, including carefully reproducing existing original sections for historic buildings. We can easily do this at Procter, thanks to a mix of hand crafted mould creation coupled with the latest CNC technology. Our expert team will produce a cast stone result that will closely resemble natural stone mullions.

If you’re planning a new build or renovation project involving cast stone window mullions, you may also be interested in cast stone window surrounds and cast stone window heads and lintels.

Benefits of Choosing a Procter Cast Stone Window Mullions

Quality guaranteed: All our cast stone window mullions exceed BS:1217 standards relating to the performance requirements of cast stone. Procter is one of only six manufacturers in the UK to use the latest vapour curing technology for enhanced long-term structural integrity, durability and appearance.

Cutting edge technology: We use a 5-Axis CNC Machine in our stone window mullion manufacturing process. This cutting-edge technology enables us to use our design expertise to develop an unparalleled range of complex shapes and design details, to make virtually any architectural stone profile.

Wide choice of standard cast stone mullion surround colours and styles: Our window mullion stock is available in six colours and a wide variety of styles, from highly ornate and decorative to strong and striking.

Bespoke cast stone mullion design available upon request: For large-scale projects or renovation projects where it is essential to match the style and colour of the property’s original features, we offer a bespoke service, producing cast stone window mullions that exactly match your specification.

In-house mullion installation service: As part of our complete turn-key service, our in-house team will take care of installing your cast stone mullions both door and window, ensuring you don’t need to deal with additional contractors and that only trained experts handle these specialist products.

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If you’re ready to place an order or talk to our expert team about your project requirements, get in touch today by filling in our online form or calling +44 (0)113 286 3329. Still have questions? Find out more about our manufacture, installation and aftercare services here.

Whether you’re renovating a period property or mansion, working on a commercial building or significant development, or simply looking to add a little class and style to your new-build or self-build project, Procter cast stone projects are suitable for any property.

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