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Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Download Procter Cast Stone Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications and cast stone from Procter’s vast experiences.

Cast Stone Entrance Features

Dec 18, 2014

Cast Stone Entrance Features – Everything from A Single Source

Procter Cast Stone has one of the UK’s widest ranges of products for standard cast stone entrance features and can also adapt its standard designs and manufacture totally bespoke cast stone features to architects’ designs.  For more complex entrance features such as porticos, Procter also provides an installation service, so the company has complete control over the manufacture, transport and installation.  Cast stone entrance features that Procter supplies are porticos, canopies, arches, steps, columns, pillars, pilasters, pedestals and gate piers.  If required, Procter Cast Stone can work with its sister division, namely Procter Fencing Systems, which specialises in standard and bespoke fencing, railings and gates and Procter Automatic Gates, which designs and manufactures standard and bespoke automatic gates.

With most buildings, including residential properties, commercial buildings, educational establishments and places of worship, the eye is drawn naturally to the entrance; cast stone features can enhance the aesthetic as well as serving a practical purpose and adding to the perceived and actual value of the property.  Cast stone is a very versatile, economical and low-risk way to add impressive features to new-build, conversions, refurbishments or redevelopments.

Cast Stone Porticos

Procter Cast Stone offers a standard range of very high-quality cast stone porticos in a choice of style, shapes and colours.  Moreover, the company also manufactures bespoke porticos to architects’ designs and in custom colours.  For self-build projects, Procter Cast Stone can produce detailed drawings from little more than customer sketches, providing as much or as little advice and guidance as necessary.  Porticos can be open or enclosed, and other features can be added such as steps and landing areas, and coping and balustrade or railings around the top creates a balcony.  Procter’s porticos are constructed with a highly cost-effective yet structurally strong ring beam system that utilises reinforced concrete rather than structural steelwork.  For existing properties, Procter can superimpose its proposed portico design on top of a digital photograph to illustrate how the entrance will be enhanced by the addition of a portico.

Cast Stone Canopies

A cast stone canopy can be an attractive and practical addition to a property, less imposing than a portico.  With no columns, the canopy is supported by the wall against which the canopy is set.  If required, Procter Cast Stone can provide advice on design and installation.  As well as a range of standard cast stone door canopies in a choice of styles, sizes and colours, Procter Cast Stone also produces bespoke door canopies to architects’ designs, whether of traditional or contemporary styles.  For renovation projects, Procter can manufacture an exact copy of a damaged original canopy, while also achieving an accurate colour match.

Cast Stone Arches

Procter’s standard cast stone arches are an excellent, cost-effective way to apply impressive entrance feature to new-build or self-build projects.  In addition, bespoke cast stone arches can be produced to architects’ specifications or to replicate existing quarried stone arches for renovation projects.  Cast stone arches can, of course, be complemented by other cast stone features such as column, pilasters, and door and window surrounds.

Cast Stone Steps

Cast stone step treads and risers can be manufactured for a fraction of the price of quarried and dressed stone, particularly if standard catalogue items are specified – though bespoke cast stone steps are usually considerably more cost-effective than quarried stone due to the way in which moulds are reused multiple times to produce the quantity of components required.  Traditional and contemporary designs are offered, and cast stone steps are equally suitable for exterior and interior applications.  If required, Procter Cast Stone can also supply standard or custom balustrade to complement the steps, or a sister division of the company, Procter Fencing Systems, can supply standard or bespoke steel railings and handrails.

Cast Stone Columns, Pillars and Pilasters

Suitable for exterior or interior use, cast stone columns, pillars and pilasters can serve as part of a portico, to support a cast stone arch or, for example, as supports for bandstands or colonnades.  Procter Cast Stone offers a variety of standard styles and colours, with a choice of column caps and column bases if required.  Bespoke designs can be manufactured to architects’ drawings in traditional or contemporary styles, with smooth or textured surfaces, or as exact replicas of existing features for renovation projects.  Procter’s comprehensive service extends both upstream and downstream from the manufacturing process; depending on the customer’s requirements, Procter can undertake site survey, provide technical advice and guidance, produce detailed drawings, make moulds incorporating intricate details, manufacture the cast stone units, deliver them to site to an agreed schedule, and install the cast stone columns, pillars and pilasters to the very highest standard of finish.

Cast Stone Pedestals

Although they are not structural, cast stone pedestals are simple and cost-effective way to enhance a property’s entrance.  Procter Cast Stone manufactures pedestals to traditional or contemporary designs; as well as offering its own standard designs, Procter Cast Stone can produce bespoke pedestals to architects’ designs.  Pedestals can be finished using various styles of cap, with the additional option of cast stone spheres and finials.

Cast Stone Gate Piers

Cast stone gate piers create a very impressive entrance, whether for a home, commercial property, educational establishment or elsewhere.  As well as presenting a striking appearance, cast stone gate piers are also practical way to support gates where these are necessary for security.  Procter Cast Stone manufactures all of the components required for constructing gate piers, including pier caps, balls, finials, and the concrete or steel core required to take the weight of the gate.  Alternatively, pier caps can be supplied on their own for repairing or renovating existing gate piers.

Remember that our sister division, Procter Fencing Systems, specialises in standard and custom fencing and gates, and another division, Procter Automatic Gates, designs and manufactures standard and bespoke automatic gates, so Procter Cast Stone can act as a single point of contact for all of these requirements.

Follow the link to find out more about cast stone entrance features from Procter Cast Stone and to use the website’s Live Chat facility to request further information or discuss specific projects.  Alternatively email info@proctercaststone.co.uk.