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Cleaning of Cast Stone

​Experienced operatives to be used for the cleaning process. Please contact the manufacturer prior to any cleaning work being carried out.


​Read and or understand safety data sheet of acid product to be used – ALL RELEVANT PPE TO BE USED – GLOVES, GOGGLES ETC.

Cleaning of Stone

​High-pressure hoses or jet washes should not be used for cleaning of cast stone this can result in damage to the face of the product.

Protect the area around the unit by wetting and or plastic sheeting and absorbent granules.

Cast stone will absorb a small amount of liquid so it’s essential to wet the stone first.  (Think of the stone as a sponge it will soak up some liquid so you want that to be water not acid)

Once the stone is wet apply a mild acid solution to a small inconspicuous area of the unit with a soft bristled brush gently agitate (do not use scrapers, wire brushes or other hard abrasives) let the acid do the work. Then rinse with clean water from a hose or low-pressure sprayer.

Leave to dry and check results if the stain has not completely disappeared and the surface of the stone still feels smooth and not gritty then a further application is ok.  Once satisfied with the results clean the whole unit.

Remember to wet first and rinse last with lots of water.

The units must be cleaned individually; attempting to clean multiple units may cause acid to be left for longer than needed resulting in damage to the surface.

Clean and remove from area any excess liquid by use absorbent granules.

Cleaning of the Site

​All contaminated materials must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations

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