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Anders Dahl

Cast Stone Architectural Features for World-class Equine Facility and House Renovation

Horsham, Surrey

Project Overview
For the new-build equine facility, which is world-class and one of the largest in Europe, Procter produced a wide range of architectural features including 25 columns and capitals, and components.  Because these were in areas where they would come into contact with horses, they were manufactured from a mix that contained a higher proportion of grit sand than normal to achieve a higher strength.

At the same time that the equine facility was being constructed, the owner’s house was being renovated; this required cast stone quoins, window and door surrounds, two large bays and a bespoke portico.  A particular requirement for the portico was that no structural steelwork should be visible from beneath, so Procter Cast Stone designed the steelwork and cast stone components to achieve this goal.

Together the house and equine facility incorporated 185 window and door surrounds and hundreds of metres of coping.  Other components included arches, spheres, pier caps and keystones.  This was a major project, with representatives from Procter Cast Stone attending more than 20 site meetings.  Project management was also more complex than usual because the architect was based in Germany and Procter reported directly to the owner in matters relating to the equine facility and to a contractor for matters relating to the house.

Where appropriate, the cast stone for the equine facility house was manufactured with rebar reinforcement and threaded bosses to accept lifting eyes for ease of on-site handling.  In fact some of the cast stone units were extremely large, with the heaviest weighing 330kg.  To ensure that the installation went as smoothly as possible, all of the cast stone units were uniquely identified and detailed unit location plans were provided.  In addition, deliveries were scheduled to suit the site requirements, so the cast stone units were not stored on site for any longer than necessary.

Procter Cast Stone has completed a prestigious project to design, manufacture and supply cast stone components for the construction of a very large equine facility and the renovation of the owner’s substantial house on the same site on Horsham, Surrey.  All components were bespoke cast stone, and the project was delivered on time and to budget.

Prestigious projects of this nature require very high quality standards.  Procter Cast Stone adheres to BS 1217 (Cast stone Specification), design and manufacture also comply with the UKCSA Technical Manual for Cast Stone.  Furthermore, the company manufactures its moulds in-house because this helps in maintaining tight control over quality.

Quality was one factor behind Procter Cast Stone winning this contract, while other reason included price, technical support and outstanding customer service.

What did the Client Say
“Extremely pleased with the service provided by Procter and also the finished product.”

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